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2024 starts off in a big way

Where to even begin??

2024 has kicked off with some incredible experiences and special guest appearances! We have so much to tell you but first, we want to take a moment to thank everyone involved in helping us have such a successful 2024 so far. We have our numerous volunteers to thank and our partners from local small businesses and nonprofits! Thank you so much for enjoying this galactic card game with us and helping us support local charities in need. It means the world to us as we are beyond grateful for this opportunity to take our passion for Star Wars and give back to our community in kind. 

Our year started with supporting Runway to Hope with our new friends (and new regular Shili Cantina location) from The Bao Spot in Downtown Orlando this past January. Runway to Hope’s mission is to support children & families, primarily in Central Florida, battling pediatric cancer, while seeking a cure. We assisted The Bao Spot in raising $200 towards their cause by inviting local cosplayers to come play a game of Sabacc and indulge in some delicious baos and space burgers with boba tea and other beverages. We had a great time and would highly recommend you give The Bao Spot a visit and support the Runway to Hope nonprofit. 

MegaCon was a huge success this year! We had a space big enough to support 4 active game tables, an enclosed cantina with one-of-a-kind light up credits (thanks to our friend & volunteer, Matt), a successful partnership with Hyperspace Props where we could teach different variations of Sabacc games with 1 or our 4 tables, and most importantly we had raised awareness and over $1,100 for the Victim Service Center of Central Florida, Inc. (VSC). This nonprofit was able to talk to well-over 600+ MegaCon attendees about their services for victims of sexual assault, violent crimes, or victims of any traumatic circumstance. We cannot neglect to mention the Rusty Rancor Cantina, where we displayed their cantina flags and used their house rules for our Exhibition and Tournament games. We also had lots of assistance and support from Electric Llama, the Unlucky Roll Cafe, Art & Desi, and last but not least the Intergalactic Trading Company. Without these sponsors & partners, we would not have had such a memorable and incredible time at MegaCon. An enormous thank you to the Electric Llama for creating such a realistic Star Wars cantina space. It truly felt we were stepping into the fictional universe and we are grateful you could help us bring our designs to life! Thank you to the Unlucky Roll Cafe & Intergalactic Trading Company for contributing to our raffle and game prizes. Your donations helped us raise an impressive amount for the VSC! A special thank you to The Bao Spot for donating t-shirts for a few winners and contestants as well! If it weren’t for our friends from Hyperspace Props, we wouldn’t have learned how to play other variations of Sabacc such as: Pazaak, Coruscant Shift, Traditional Corellian Spike, etc.! 

But wait, there’s more!” - Billy Mays

We had a successful turnout of Ahsoka Tano cosplayers come to our booth for our cosplay meetup on Saturday, Feb. 3rd - special thanks to local cosplayer Ashla Stargazer for arranging that! We had Ashley Eckstein’s parents, Mama & Papa Tano, her husband & former professional baseball player, David Eckstein, and Ashley herself visit us for our meetup! We were surprised all 4 of them could join us for such a huge turnout. Although their appearance was brief, we are appreciative they took time out of their busy schedule to join us for a group photo! 

Another surprise celebrity appearance was when American actor, Eman Esfandi, who played Ezra Bridger from the Disney+ live-action Ahsoka series, came and wanted to genuinely play Sabacc with us! We got to play a quick round of “Celebrity Sabacc” with him and he won on his first game ever with a 4-card Sabacc! Beginner’s Luck does exist!

We have so many fond memories to look back on from this past MegaCon and looking forward to next year’s convention for new memories and possible prizes in store!

After the convention, our friends from the Rusty Rancor Cantina have been hard at work with designing and creating products to support future S4C events. For our MegaCon tournament, we had brand new S4C themed play mats that were a huge hit! The designs were made with easy game-play in mind with a round counter on the top of the mat (Rounds 1, 2, & 3) and placements for the Main Pot and Sabacc Pot credit place holders. We loved these designs but considered a few tweaks could be made to make them even better. And thus, version 2 was born! Our 2nd version of these mats have very similar designs overall but we added the change of the Sabacc pot to be enclosed by the Planet Shili, the home world of the Togruta species, with 1 sun and 6 moons. This way, if you play Corellian Spike or Coruscant Shift with our mats, you can have a clear visual of which pot is for the Sabacc credits or the Main pot credits.

You can find our official S4C sabacc playmat, and lots more, to support our mission on the Rusty Rancor Etsy page.

Some upcoming events you should be sure to look out for will be:

  • Our attendance at the annual Central Florida St. Baldrick’s event on Sunday, March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day! The event is from 1-5pm at the Citrus Sky Craft in Lake Mary, FL. The Central Florida St. Baldrick’s event is Florida’s longest running fundraiser benefitting St. Baldrick’s Foundation (SBF). SBF is a non-profit organization that exists to fill the gap in funding for childhood cancer research. We will be teaming up with the good folks of the 501st Makaze Squad who put this great annual event together. S4C will be playing sabacc - open to all, free games - during this awesome charity event!

  • We will be hosting a S4C event at Layton Gaming in Altamonte Springs on Saturday, May 11th. More details to come!

  • This summer, we will be bringing some of the passion and love for sabacc with S4C to Dallas, TX! Can I get a,“Yee-haw!”? We have been invited to attend the first ever Rebel Scum Con fan convention from June 27th - 30th. 

With 2024 having only just commenced but so much as happened, please make sure to follow our Facebook Group, our Instagram, and especially our website. We have a lot to look forward to and so many new players to introduce to this fun and addicting game. We hope to see you soon and thank you for supporting us on this galactic adventure!

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