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Connecting Paths Across the Galaxy

We have a lot to mention and so much to look forward to, so let’s get started! This past March we joined in the fun by supplying entertainment at the Central FL. St. Baldrick’s event on St. Patrick’s Day. We didn’t host our own fundraiser but the St. Baldrick’s event itself raised thousands of dollars towards a great cause. We were happy to be there and bring some Star Wars fun to Lake Mary!

Our tournament at Layton Gaming in Altamonte Springs was a big success! We raised nearly $500 for the local Runway to Hope, a local charity helping pediatric cancer patients and their families. Our friends at Layton Gaming were so kind to allow us to host our tournament at their shop and we had a great space to play in. Thank you again for having us!

Our cantina setup brought the perfect atmosphere and environment to play. We had 3 long tables full of players and we had some fantastic prizes for our winners! We had hats, shirts, gift cards, detonators from Batuu, coins from Hyperspace Props, 2 Shatterpoint game sets, and MORE + our beautiful S4C trophy for our grand prize winner. We were surrounded by laughs, gasps, and loud cheers for all to hear! We had shop regulars curious as to what we were playing, new shop visitors wondering if our tournament was a regular occurrence, and kids wanting to take pictures with our cosplayed friends! Seeing happy smiling people really makes these tournaments worth the hard work and effort to bring it all together seamlessly.

We want to give a huge thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations! Recently, we were gifted these incredible Mandalorian pauldrons for our volunteer dealers to wear with their brand new jackets! The 3D printed pauldrons were supplied by Clever 3D Studio and they make our dealers stand out with their slick jackets put together by our friends at Art & Desi! These navy blue dealer jackets will help our players know who to go to for questions on the rules of the game, help us create a unified sense of our team visually, and help us promote who we are at our events! We have a cool new dealer logo on the back that our volunteers can wear loud and proud.

Another thank you to The Bao Spot for their incredible gift card donations! Thank you to Layton Gaming for donating not just gift cards but the 2 Shatterpoint games sets! Those sets have a value of over $100 each! Our dear friends Anna & Herb donated Coca Cola & Sprite Detonator drinks from Batuu that can be reused for cosplay fun. Hyperspace Props shared some beautifully detailed Imperial credits and they went home with the perfect fan, our grand prize winner!

This past weekend we got to attend the first ever Rebel Scum Con, just outside of Dallas, Texas! Not only was this their first convention but this was also our first time out of state as S4C. Rebel Scum Con was a 4-day convention where everyday we taught Sabacc (with the help of Emily from Hyperspace Props) and every day we had new players! All of our tournament seats were sold out on Saturday, July 29th. We want to give a very special thanks to Kyber Cantina! Owned and operated by our new friends Brandon & Kristina, both Texas natives, who drove nearly 4 hours to the convention and volunteered their time with us. We appreciated you joining us! After a few new players learned how to play, there were Texans who created their own Facebook groups to continue playing Sabacc beyond the con AND even new players joining the Kyber Cantina! We certainly can’t forget to mention our Floridian volunteers who flew hundreds of miles to join and help us out! We couldn’t have done it without the help of my incredible friends and volunteers: Conner, Frankie, and Xavier. We had the best time together! Working with and spending quality time with these guys has been an experience I’ll never forget. For this convention, we worked with the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas and raised $367. 100% of these donations will be given back to families in need through the RMH Charities and stay local.

Rebel Scum Con will be a convention we never forget and we look forward to next year’s possible trip! We are also looking forward to attending Ocala Comic Con and HalcyCon this Fall! We have new charities we will be working with, updated and modified convention setups, and new core memories to unlock! Keep your eyes posted to our upcoming event page as 2024 is only halfway through and we have so much more to explore! Thank you for joining us on this adventure and stay tuned!

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