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S4C makes its debut in Ocala!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Ocala Comic Con 2023 could be summed up in one word - Fantastic!

We hosted a Sabacc tournament with the local Rusty Rancor Cantina and were able to raise $455 for the Boys & Girls Club of Citrus County! By collecting these donations, we wanted the money to stay local and support those within the community. Not only did we raise hundreds of dollars for another local non-profit, but we were able to introduce this fun and easy game to several con-goers of all ages who also enjoy Star Wars. Sounds like our next event could be even more beneficial and successful!

sabacc for charity donates to boys and girls club of citrus county

We can certainly say it was very memorable! We couldn’t have done it without the help and generosity of our sponsors and volunteers. Thank you to our helpful volunteers for taking the time to set up and break down our gaming area among the numerous other ways you supported us as well. We also want to give a big thank you to our amazingly supportive sponsors:

We heard nothing but positive things over the weekend! We had an incredible setup near the entrance that attracted numerous fans to come and take pictures of our props, layout, and game play. We taught everyone interested in playing and even introduced them to our online communities and cantinas to find when our next game will be - whether locally to them or closer to Orlando. We even had frequent visits from familiar faces such as Chewbacca & Darth Vader. Some Imperial Pilots and Mandalorians came to see the action too! Costumes are always highly encouraged during our games and tournaments so seeing everyone dressed up at the con felt like we were truly transported to a galaxy far far away!

We had young Star Wars fans admire our Ahsoka Tano at our front table and even ask her for pictures! It was adorable to see and we hope one day when they are older they could join us for an interesting game of Sabacc. We are beyond grateful we could participate and share this experience with those in Ocala. This was a great way to introduce Sabacc to friends and families outside of the Orlando area and teach them how to play! This also helps us see how we could improve for future fundraisers and what else we could do to reel people into our game play. We have dozens of thoughts and ideas running in our heads so we hope you stay tuned for our next big event!

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