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Sabacc till you drop

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Seasons greetings from Sabacc for Charity!

So much has happened since Ocala Comic Con and we can’t wait to see where 2024 may take us! We recently collaborated this month with the Unlucky Roll Cafe (ULR) in Inverness, FL. for a first of its kind event.

“Sabacc Till You Drop” was a 13-hour gaming event with more than just Sabacc! They had VR headset games including Beat Saber, their board games to play, raffle prizes, a Star Wars movie marathon (episodes 1 - 6) and movie trivia sprinkled throughout the day. We were able to raise $400 with our event but this time for the Citrus County Foster Parents Association. Huge thank you to everyone who attended and played with us all day!

This particular charity is near and dear to our friends at ULR as they too were once foster parents. The owners of ULR, Donovan & Katie, have been an incredible asset to our S4C efforts for the last several months. We love them and we are happy to support a local cause that helps other foster parents! We could not have held this event without them. We are grateful for their continued generosity and support! They had this to say when we asked what inspired them to open a cafe as unique as ULR in the first place.

“We began our love of board games when we were teaching our foster kid how to read. We held weekly board game nights and introduced new games (his favorite being “Sushi Go!”). Since then, our passion and love of new board games has continued to grow. So much so that we decided to open up Unlucky Roll Cafe. ULR is a mish mash of our hobby, our love of gaming, our support of creators, and to make a fun space to meet new people - as well as a symbol of what brought us into board gaming.”

A million thanks again to Donovan & Katie for making “Sabacc Till You Drop” a success!

Another incredible success was our filming for a short promo video! We had an awesome film crew and over 20+ volunteers help us by filling the Vault 5421 bar at Gods & Monsters in Orlando. The venue location is off of International Drive and it’s the “nerd hub” in town! They have pop culture collectibles & toys, comics, graphic novels, manga, cosplay parties, VIP events, and more! We want to give a huge shout out as they allowed us to use their space for several hours and allowed us to make this promo look fantastic! We highly recommend you give them a visit and see the nerdy post-apocalyptic bar for yourselves.

You will find Mandalorians, Mirialans, Zabraks, Twi’leks, and more in our upcoming video! Every single volunteer gave hours of their time to make this our best creative piece yet. We are truly blessed to have numerous friends who enjoy Star Wars as much as we do to help a good cause. We thank you all for coming with your makeup, costumes, headpieces, armor, and helmets ready.

We also want to give thanks and a shout out to our amazing film crew. Our director, Fernando Tosetti, did an incredible job and shared our vision for this video. He was precise with instructions and yet flexible to suggestions. He had our Director of Photography, Emmanuel Gallegos, film shots from all angles so you could really feel you were a part of this journey. Emmanuel will truly make this video come to life. We appreciate our Behind the Scenes assistant, Milea Verock. Capturing all of our candid moments! Special thanks to our Set Designers & Gaffers, Brooke Hill & Valheria Sanchez. They tied the whole cantina together! Adding details like blue Bantha Milk as props! Our Executive Producer & Photographer, Jonathan Aponte, was assisting from the sidelines while also being a part of the action! We look forward to seeing the editing work from our Editor, Owen Walter, as this is really going to look good when stitched together. A big thank you to our Makeup Artist, Elisa Veldkamp, as she was able to help those who needed special full-face makeup and assistance. Can’t forget to mention our Lead Actor, Mason Sharrow, who played his role effortlessly as if he was born to be a Jedi!

We were blown away with how much we were able to capture and film in such a short amount of time. There are not enough words to express how grateful we are to have had this opportunity with each and everyone there. This video will be used online and for special events to come so we can invite new friends to join us in a charitable future tournament!

Speaking of future tournaments and special events, S4C will be attending MegaCon in February of 2024! This is huge and we hope to see as many people there as we can! MegaCon will be a Sabacc-packed weekend with a tournament and opportunities to teach those who may not be familiar with how to play the game. We can’t wait to see what that weekend has in store!

Spread the Sabacc holiday cheer for all to hear! We wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

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Dec 18, 2023

You all are amazing. Can't wait to see what you have coming next for Sabacc for Charity,

Ashla Stargazer

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