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what we do

Our goal is pretty simple:  provide a service to make it easy for nonprofit groups and charities to raise awareness about their cause and contribute towards the specific purpose, whether monetary or other items like clothing and canned goods. 

Well established organizations receive plenty of recognition and sufficient funding from major donors and government grants, often leaving smaller organizations with little resources preventing it from having a bigger impact in its community.  Sabacc For Charity provides an avenue to fundraise and bring awareness for smaller, Florida local nonprofit organizations.



To kick off the production of the Sabacc games, we setup a special online sign up page as we also create the marketing material that will be used to promote the Sabacc games in your event and its sponsors.

Guests will have the option to sign up early, with special early registration discounts, or they can come the day of the event to sign up.  Depending on the scale of the event, Sabacc For Charity can keep things simple with single table gaming or present a large tournament with brackets and prize give-aways.



The immersive Sabacc gaming experience setup for the event is sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment using this easy to learn and accessible game for everyone. With our online and day of registration process, fans or curious gamers can join in easily on the action and help support your great cause.

Our team of experienced organizers and volunteers come together to provide a fun and organized gaming experience for the players. We guarantee an enjoyable and memorable event that will be sure to captivate your guests.



At Sabacc For Charity, we are committed to making a positive impact on the community. After the games conclude, our dedicated volunteers carefully gather all the funds and/or items contributed by the players. We ensure that every donation is allocated to the designated charity with utmost transparency and accountability. We invite you to join us in our philanthropic endeavors and help us make a meaningful difference.


Contact us, let's chat

When emailing Sabacc For Charity, be sure to give as much information as you can about your event.  Date, venue address, and times are very useful to better answer your questions.

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