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Sabacc For Charity has partnered with quality vendors, who also support Sabacc For Charity, who we've selected to showcase and sell official S4C merch.  With every purchase of these unique Sabacc For Charity items, you're also helping support our mission to assist fund and bring awareness to various local charities.

sabacc for charity patches
show support for this organization and the charities we serve

For just $10 per patch, show your love and support for the sabacc community and Sabacc For Charity's mission.  If you're interested in purchasing this neatly designed 4-inch diameter patch, you can pay via PayPal link below.  Shipping is included.

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S4C support patch.png

sabacc playmats
sold by rusty rancor

Click on the playmat to go to directly to playmat page or click "shop now" for Rusty Rancor's Etsy page.

S4C Playmat v2.jpg
s4c v2
S4C Playmat.jpg
s4c v1
World Between Worlds mat.jpg
world between worlds
Chandrilan playmat

s4c metal credits
sold by hyperspace props

Click on the image banner to visit Hyperspace Props website.

Donate & contribute

We love being of assistance to helping nonprofits and charities!  Although we ourselves are not a nonprofit, and everyone involved with Sabacc For Charity are volunteers, we are here to only serve others and make a positive impact in our communities.  We love to be able to create immersive experiences for our events that set us apart and really solidify us as an organization that can be counted on to bring quality events that are fun for all.  S4C is only able to continue this level of commitment through the support of volunteers, sponsors, and donors that help with this venture.

Everything received from S4C merchandise sales and generous supporters are all put back into maintaining Sabacc For Charity.  From food and beverages for volunteers to website upkeep and transportation of our full built cantina, this all requires a healthy budget and we're only able to do these things through donations.

If you wish to donate to Sabacc For Charity LLC, you are welcome to enter any amount you would like to contribute.  Thank you sincerely for your generous donation and being a part of S4C.

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